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Sometimes You Need a Day Off

I have had hard few days. Sometimes being a mom is just so hard. When your children get older, they can bring you so much stress and problems. It gets to the point that it even affects my work. It's hard to concentrate when you have so much crap floating around in your head. All day today I have sat in front of this screen and have attempted  to write something, but nothing came out. 

Instead I turned on Pandora radio, found a picture that brought me good thoughts and edited it for a bit. That always seems to relax me since I enjoy it so much. I have been reading posts and listening to good music that uplifts me. I feel better, at least a little less anxious. Tomorrow we are taking the day to go shopping for back-to-school (again!), which is good because shopping days are always good days. I am going to eat Chinese food, have Starbucks, spend money and just try to leave all the bad stuff behind. 

Sometimes you just need a day off, and tomorrow is mine. 

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