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Put Over 400 Titles At Your Child's Fingertips W/ Bookboard #spon

This is a sponsored app in collaboration with Bookboard, all opinions are my own. 

As you know, our kids are a bunch of techies and can rarely be found without a tablet in hand. While on the one hand, we want them to have their technology for fun, we also want them to use technology for their little brains too. Sure they are allowed to Minecraft for an hour after school, but the next hour has to be spend doing something else, like reading. Today I am sharing about this fantastic app that will bring a world of books to your child, and it is affordable too. You can even start them with a FREE TRIAL to Bookboard.

Being an avid reader myself and trying so hard to share this wonderful love with Sammy, I was very interested in this app. I spend a lot of money on books, and I have spent a lot more on apps for her too. Whether it's a print book or an app, you usually get one book, but with Bookboard you get an entire library of over 400 books, at your child's disposal. This is where the value comes in. Sam has a lot of books, but she is nowhere near 400 and I could simply not afford to buy her that many. 

Right about now you will be wondering how much this great little app costs right? I know one of my first thoughts was that this was going to be expensive. I have purchased $9 apps for Sam that have later stopped working, so I know all about bad and expensive apps. That was why I was surprised to find that there is two really affordable options

If you have kids who love to read or kids who need to get more reading done, then you should go check out Bookboard. Sign up for the FREE TRIAL so you can see how it works and then decide if this app is right for your child. 

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