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Planning for Retirement

“Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network.” All opinions expressed are my own.

I don't know about you, but when I hear the word "retirement", I get stressed out. I had always told myself that I would plan, scrimp and save, so the day that my retirement comes, I can actually enjoy it. As of right now, there is no tidy little nest egg growing, the way that I had planned. Just last month I turned forty and this new birthday has really made me sit and think how far behind I am in my savings. When I retire I don't want to live on a very tight income, the way I see many people do. I don't want to live with my kids or my grandchildren. I want to have enough money so that I can sit back, enjoy coffee, good books and do some traveling. We work so hard all of our lives, that we at least deserve to relax and enjoy our retirement.

Save- they say to start saving as early as possible and as much as possible. What if you have nothing so far? Then it's time to start. 

Invest- Buying stocks, bonds or even investing in real estate. The point is to get another income so you are able to save.

Downsize your lifestyle- Selling your large SUV for a small car that uses less gas will save you both on gas and payments. You can also downsize your home or simply adjust your spending. Maybe you don't need that $200 Michael Kors watch when you can get a $75 one. Little things like that, tend to add up a lot. 

Get a second job- LOL, when you are mom this is hard but many people do it. When there is not enough left over from their main job, many people get a second one for extras and for having some room to save. I am partial to the man of the house getting this second job. 

Work longer- I think many people are doing this already. Working a few extra years will let you build up a larger nest egg. 

Retirement doesn't have to be so scary. If we get informed it becomes easier to plan your next step in building that little nest. Talking to a professional about it and doing some research online can also alleviate the stress. The point is not to wait, start now and by this time next year you can at least know that you are building up towards a successful retirement. 

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