My 1st American Girl Doll #TheGroveLa #AmericanGirlDoll - Sammy Makes Six

My 1st American Girl Doll #TheGroveLa #AmericanGirlDoll


It was a pretty day in Los Angeles and we decided to go to The Grove. My sisters love going here, we shop eat and celebrity watch all at once.

I told Papa we were only going to look inside the American Girl Place store. wink :)

This place is a little girls heaven, that's for sure.

"See how pretty the dolls are Papa?"

"This is where you choose your doll. Let's pretend we are picking one out!" Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, these dolls are $110 each. A small price to pay for happiness, I say. 

Here you get to pick hair, skin and eye color. I want a brunette so she can look just like me.

These are my first choice, but their skin is a little too light and their hair is so black. I need one that is just a little bit darker skinned with brown hair. 

"They are all so pretty, I want one of each!"

"Look, she has tanned skin, brown hair and brown eyes, just like me! Please Papa, I promise I will take care of her forever."

"You're going home with me!"

"And we're gonna be best friends forever!"

"See we kind of look alike."

"Thank you Papa, I have been wanting an American Girl doll for so long!"


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