“Learning Moments” KinderCare Open House August 13, 2013 + Sweepstakes #spon - Sammy Makes Six

“Learning Moments” KinderCare Open House August 13, 2013 + Sweepstakes #spon

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of KinderCare.

I have been lucky enough to get to stay home with Sammy. This is not something that I got to do with my older children, and that is why I cherish this time and know that I am lucky to have it. I have been able to spend so much quality time with her and a lot of that time, we spent learning. There really is a learning moment in just about everything we do on a daily basis with our kids. From the act of changing a diaper and we are singing to baby, moving their little legs around and counting their piggies to the day they are older and singing and practicing dance moves they saw on tv. These are the moments that our kids are learning without having to be in a classroom setting, instead they are learning as they have fun.

Sam is a very artistic child and loves to listen to her favorite Disney stars, she dances and learns all the steps to their songs. She draws incredible pictures and loves to grab the arts and crafts box to make new crafts that she thinks up on her own or that she finds on YouTube. Today she combed her hair, put on her favorite pink dress and said she was going to be making some crafts for her dolls. While she is crafting, she is learning colors, textures, shapes and she is using her mind to come up with the different things she needs. 

If and when I have to go to work, high quality early childhood education and childcare will be very important to me because Sammy needs to be stimulated by fun activities and learning moments. KinderCare believes in the importance of these Learning Moments and this month we all have the opportunity to attend their Open House to find out more about their program.

KinderCare is holding Open House events at all of their learning centers across the country on August 13th, 2013. Families are welcome to visit during the Open House to see what quality early childhood education looks like and get to know their local KinderCare teachers and staff. Families can visit KinderCare to locate their neighborhood center. This link can also be used to schedule a tour at a different time.

KinderCare’s first ever Back-to-School sweepstakes will award five lucky families a scholarship for one calendar year of free tuition for one child at a KinderCare or Knowledge Beginnings Center. From now through October 18th, 2013, new families who visit any participating KinderCare or Knowledge Beginnings Center and take a tour will be entered to win one of five grand prizes. Terms and Conditions apply. See the Official Rules here.

The KinderCare August 13th Open House theme is “Learning Moments”. “Learning Moments” are instances when learning happens away from the chalkboard. KinderCare focuses on capturing these moments every day and making every moment a teachable one. Parents can fill their children’s lives with learning moments too! Routine activities can provide educational opportunities for infants and young children.

If you live near a KinderCare, I suggest stopping by the Open House and entering the giveaway. A year's tuition would save so much money and there will be 5 winners!

KinderCare provides high quality early childhood education and childcare for kids who are infant aged through kindergarten. One of the best ways to learn more about KinderCare is to attend their nationwide Open House on August 13, 2013. Visit KinderCare.com to find the closest KinderCare Learning Center or Knowledge Beginnings Center to you.

And bonus! KinderCare’s Back-to-School Sweepstakes will award five families a scholarship worth one calendar year’s tuition for one child. To be eligible, families must visit their local KinderCare Center and take a tour. Terms and conditions apply. Visit KinderCare.com to see the Official Rules.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of KinderCare.

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