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#LATISM Poll Results: Latinos and Their Use of Multivitamins and Supplements

This is a compensated post for a LATISM campaign to support healthy living habits in the Latino community.

If you recall some weeks ago, I asked many of you to help us with a Consumer Reports en Español and #LATISM poll regarding Latinos and their use of Multivitamins and Supplements. Today the results are out and I would like to share them with you. 500 US Latinos took this poll and have given us quite an insight into their vitamin taking habits. Here are some of the results:

  • Latinos are heavy user of multivitamins: 66% of them taking them once a week or more.
  • Most take them for health reasons: to balance diet, prevent illness, improve physical performance, to stay in good heath and to treat a particular illness. 
  • 57% have received a health professionals advice for taking them.

But a very important question is if Latinos are getting enough safety information regarding their consumption of these multivitamins?

Something else that the poll found is that not enough Latino kids are taking supplements. Only 56% of adults who took this poll, give their kids multivitamins, versus 66% of adults. Of the 56% that are given multivitamins, the main reason is for overall health. 

For more results of this poll, please check out the infographic below. 

Survey conducted by Consumer Reports en Español and LATISM.

After attending tonight's LATISM Twitter party and listening to the advice of Dr Jose Luis Mosquera (Medical Advisor for Consumer Reports) I have learned a lot. The most important thing I learned is that Latino's need to be their own advocate and educate themselves. We need to find out which supplements we should take, which to give our kids, and which are all hype. Many supplements that we may think are great, actually do nothing for us. While many we overlook, could actually make a big difference in our health. 

Let's get educated on the safe use of multivitamins and supplements. 

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