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iPhone App: Perfect 365 Before and After Shots

I take a lot of selfies with Adrian's iPhone (selfie queen), which led him to this funny little pastime of changing them up with an app that he downloaded himself while he was in Mexico. I don't know, maybe he is editing me to look like he would want me to, or maybe he thinks it's funny. He does sure get a kick out of sending them back to me. I gathered them up to show you just how drastically someone can change themselves up with this app. I believe you can even add hair, which thank goodness, I don't need. But he has thinned my face, softened my skin, thinned my nose and even changed my eye color. I think they are definitely funny, but I would never post them and pretend that is how I look. I almost always use a filter when sharing selfies on Instagram, but I don't actually edit my face, so these are a hoot. Enjoy, and don't be scared of the before pics, they are completely no filter and you see me exactly how I am. And notice how one of my eyes always has more liner than the other, I don't know why, but this happens every time. Okay so let me know which you think he edited the best!

I think this is the one that looks most natural. But it's a little too perfect, right? Out of all of them this one is more me, probably because he didn't add lashes or thinned my face. It looks like I have no wrinkles or bags. I like this one.

He missed some lip color on this one and you can still see how my shadow had smudged. I can't believe how much my face thinned out, it's so much longer. When I am not 60 pounds overweight, I actually have a face this thin, I miss it. 

This one is scary! I look like I am ready to head out for the night to "work". And I told him he really should have softened that pocket of fat on my left arm. LOL

This one he sent me a while ago and the funniest part of it to me, is Sammy's face. 

Perfect 365 is the app in case you want to edit a few pictures of yourself. He said this is the FREE version and that the paid has many more features. Hope you enjoyed this trip into fake face selfie land.

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