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Ideas for the October Half Term: Keeping the Kids Occupied

No sooner do you say goodbye to your kids at the school gate for the first day of term do you have to start looking ahead towards the October half term. While many parents will inevitably have to fork out for childcare because of work commitments, others may consider taking a week annual leave to enjoy this time with their children.

While a holiday at Butlins may be incredibly tempting, giving the kids a chance to enjoy new, fun-filled experiences, sometimes money won’t stretch that far – especially in the run up to Christmas. While you could try your luck in the Cushelle online competition to win your family holiday, there are plenty of other, budget-friendly ideas available to keep boredom at bay. There’s plenty of fun to be had, both indoors and out, even if there is a little more chill in the air than the summer days. 

Arts & Crafts 
 A great way to while away the hours, arts and crafts appeals to children of all ages. From baking cakes and cookies to creating their own masterpieces from household goodies, you can encourage them to be creative and use their imagination to produce something inspiring. Perhaps make a start on the home-made cards, presents and decorations for Christmas? Or use a day towards the end of the half term break to produce scrapbook pages of what they’ve been up to in their time away from school. 

Woodland Trips 
 This is a perfect way to spend a dry autumnal day. Join a nature trail or head off on your own as a family to explore the local forest. Collect leaves and twigs, do some tree rubbings or use the opportunity to jump in the mounds of fallen leaves. The natural world is a beautiful place and whether you stay local or head off on a day trip someplace, incredible experiences await. 

A Cinema Trip 
Head out for a day at the movies as a half term treat. Book your seats in advance and choose a film that your youngsters have wanted to see for a while. Pick up some popcorn or ice cream on the way in and enjoy some quality time as a family. Choose a 3D movie if you think your kids will sit through it wearing the glasses and finish the day off with a cracking lunch that will fill them up until suppertime. 

October half term can be a great time to spend together – make the most of it!

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