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A little update about me and what I am doing.

I am working really hard and I really think the hard work is finally paying off. Enough posts to do that they are keeping me up at night wondering when I will have time to get them all done. Of course all the due dates always fall around the same time and I get all crazed and stressed for a few days till I knock them out, then I get a new list and do it all over again. But this is good, and I when I am feeling overwhelmed I remind myself that I am one of those rare people that gets to stay home and work from the comfort of their kitchen table. 

I get up in the morning, get my child off to school and then eventually move all my stuff to the table. I then start my coffee and listen to music as I start opening emails and making my daily to-do-list. No commuting for an hour like at my last job, no bosses looking over my shoulder and no missing my child's life because I spend the entire day in an office. I am my own boss and every day I get to hustle for myself because what I earn depends on me and only me. At the same time it's kind of scary, but I love the feeling of freedom and how well I am starting to do. FINALLY!

My hair! Cici's friend came over to bleach her hair last week and when there was extra bleach left over, I gave her the go-ahead to give me so wild woman streaks in the front. By wild woman streaks, I mean wild woman. They are kind of lion king eske and remind me of my hair in the 80's. Cici was freaked out with her end result and added color the day after we did this, BUT I decided to keep it. Heck why not? It's not like I got anyone to scare away, Adrian isn't even back and I don't think he'll care. Plus I like how different it feels after not coloring it in over 7 years. I'm hoping to be able to give myself a cut soon too. Maybe by the time the novio comes home, I will be so unrecognizable he won't even know it's me. If I do get a chance to cut my hair I will post about it so you can see how I save myself all that money by doing the "unicorn cut". Well, that's what I call it. 

Rediscovered my love for Forever Red from Bath and Body Works. This is not a new scent, it came out last year and as soon I smelled it the very first time, I was hooked. Vanessa gave me the big bottle in the middle for Christmas and I wore it like mad till one day it went towards the back of my cabinet and I forgot all about it. Last week I found the baby bottles on sale online and ordered them and now my love affair has been reignited. This is just such an amazing scent, it smells like a strong and beautiful woman. The name and presentation are also so pretty. My favorite color is red so this scent seems to be very fitting. 

Spending money. Yes when you have children, the spending is never ending. So since it will never end, the trick is to at least find a good deal. I am not a couponer but I do like finding deals and taking advantage of them. We shopped at JustFab today and since each girl opened a new account, they got these $39.99 boots for only $21.55. Now the problem will be to remember every first of the month to go and skip the month because this is one of those monthly shipping places. If you don't skip by the 4th of the month, they send you a pair of random shoes you will probably hate. 

And this is just some of what I have been up to? What about you, what is new in your life or what are you excited about?

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