Crazy-Busy Mall Day - Sammy Makes Six

Crazy-Busy Mall Day

Yesterday was a crazy, busy day. We decided to take all three kids with us to go shopping for more back to school items. Anytime the three kids ages 8, 6 and 5 go together anywhere, it can get very crazy. 

The first thing you do when taking so many kids out at once on public transport, is pack them up entertainment. I charged all their devices the night before and had them ready to go. This is them actually taking advantage of an open Wifi connection while we were waiting for the second bus. These kids are always on the look out for open wifi , how crazy is that?

Once we got to the mall and met up with Cici, everyone had to crowd around the baby. He is always the center of attention. 

We were in the mall over 5 hours and yet I feel like we got so little accomplished. Most of the time was spent eating and going back and forth from one store to another. In the end we were lucky to have come home with anything at all.

We still have many more clothes to buy both of the kids, but at least we got some of the more important items out of the way. One pair of shoes for the first day, backpacks, denim pants that were only $10, girl tops from H & M that were only $5.99 and long sleeves from The Children's Place for only $7. There were so many sales but the stores were soooo packed, it was hard to get into waiting rooms and standing in line was killer. 

Everything that is missing will have to be purchased when I can go without the kids because it was just too crazy. At least we've gotten started on the shopping and the kids are getting excited to be in school soon. Are you ready for the new school year?

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