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Back To School To-Do's : Are You Ready?

Sammy is on her very last week of summer vacation, her school starts back up again on August 12th. It really seems to have flown by so fast, I still can't believe it's time for her to go back. Last week I realized how late it was and started getting a move on with buying the things that she will need this year. There are things like uniforms, shoes and backpacks, that I like to purchase before stores start selling out ( and believe me they do) and then there are things that you really have to wait till school begins to purchase. I put together a list of to-do's to help us all get ready for sending these kiddos back to the classroom. 

  • Shop early: Uniforms, clothes, shoes and accessories. My daughter attends a uniform only school and still had a lot of stuff from last year that is in great shape. I only purchased a few new polos, a pair of shorts in a color she did not have, an extra skirt and two polo dresses also in new colors. Her shoes of course had to be brand new and I also stocked up on new socks, that were so expensive, almost $5 a pair. 
  • Backpack: This is another item that tends to run our quickly, so I made it a point to hit the Disney store immediately. We scored a sale price of $15 and $8 for a matching water bottle. She will be using her lunch pail from last year because it is in perfect shape.
  • School registration: Even if your child is already enrolled, many schools require a registration. This is where you confirm your child will attend and fill out all school forms. We attended our registration date two weeks ago.
  • Orientation: Our school is so incredibly disorganized that I would love to skip this thing, but it is a necessity. You don't want to arrive the very first day of classes and not know where to drop off or pick up your child. You also don't want to make a mistake on the uniform or other rules that have to be followed, so it is best to show up and gather all the information. Even if they sit you under the sun on a 97 degree day. :(
  • Classroom supplies: Even though stores like Walmart already have the classroom supplies lists at their entrances, this is one that I have learned to wait on. I make sure Sam has her basics for the first day, like a box of crayons, a pencil and some paper. But for everything else, I wait until the teacher hands out the actual list of what he/she needs. A few times we purchased the items on the store lists ahead of time for my grandson, and ended up with a bunch of items he didn't need while missing others. Unless your school hands out the lists before the first day, I suggest waiting.
  • Bedtime: My daughter has been known to go to bed at 2:00 a.m. (last night) and this needs to change, pronto. At least one week in advance, set up the new bedtime and stick to it. 
  • Talk to your child: Sam had a few rough days at the end of last year with some bullying and teasing. Make time to talk to your child about what they can expect this new year, reiterate things like safety and let them know that they can come to you with any issues that may arise. I know Sam had a very hard time letting me know she was being picked on. I have been concentrating on letting her know she will make new friends, that she is going to have a wonderful new teacher and that she is getting lot's of new things. We have been having these chats a few weeks now and I hope by the time the first day comes, she is not as nervous and can just enjoy it. 
  • Visit the school: If your child is new to a school, make time to visit it beforehand. This does not worry me so much at Sammy's age but this is very important for older kids who are attending larger schools. 
  • Set up a calendar: It is time to get on schedule and back on a routine. Setting up a calendar with all the important dates and times, helps everything run smoother. I like keeping a central calendar that includes stickers and plenty of space so the kids can add their activities on it. It's on the fridge and we can easily keep track of what is going on that day, week and month. 

The back-to-school season is an exciting time, it's always been my favorite. With careful planning, list making and some extra patience, we can make it to the first day without pulling our hair out (I hope). 

Sam and I are almost ready, are you?

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