Como Come! / Oh How He Eats! #foodie #mexicocity #df #nomnom #latinabloggers - Sammy Makes Six

Como Come! / Oh How He Eats! #foodie #mexicocity #df #nomnom #latinabloggers

As you might know my boyfriend has recently been working between Tamaulipas, Mexico and Mexico City. While there he has been updating our Instagram feed with pictures of many of the local sights. This week the man has gone crazy and while being in Mexico City (his hometown and where his family is) and has been eating non-stop. 

Today I am sharing some of the foods he has been eating, in just three days, a lot of the stuff he is eating is not actually being captured. He is one of those guys that constantly complains how difficult it is to find authentic Mexican food when here in the U.S., so I am glad he's getting to fill up on some real Mexican food. But he has been warned that he can not come back chubby, I don't like my men to be gorditos, so while he is enjoying his food, I hope he is also getting in some exercise. 

Puesto de carnitas tacos. He claims to have "only" eaten 5. Only?!

Albondigas, YUM! I love albondigas and haven't had them in years. This takes me back to being little, I remember my mom would make the best albondigas. When I saw this, I almost drooled. What I could not believe is how there was only three in his plate, I would need at least 5 and 4 tortillas to be truly full. 

A plate of rolled tacos or "flautas". Meh. I have rolled tacos all the time, and while I am guessing the cheese on top was real cotija, I think they need some guacamolito to make them just perfect.

Pozole anyone? Now this looks good. I like pozole a lot more than I like menudo, especially when it has the hominy. This is definitely a traditional Mexican dish.

Gorditas stand offering: picadillo, chicharron, bisteck ranchero and de chorizo with potatoes. 

These I don't recognize, he calls them quesadillas de pancita (belly). I don't know if there is belly inside, or meat or just cheese. I will take mine sans the belly or meat and just with a lot of that red salsa you see in the background, oh and a big glass of horchata!

To wash it all down there is this strange looking Michelada with tamarindo (rim), chamoy, chili, salsa inglesa (?), lemon, clamato and salt. yikes! I personally don't like beer, not even from afar, and this sounds like a strange mixture to me, but I guess he was pretty excited about it. 

Like I said this was only in a space of a few meals. He is eating like crazy, and then of course his mom is feeding him every chance she gets too. Good for him. Everyone needs some of mamas food and a taste from home, and I am glad that this job that has taken him from us, is at least keeping him full.

Which of these dishes would you like to try or is your favorite?

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