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A Diaper That Keeps Up With This Little Guy? Yes, It's True! #HuggiesSureFit

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Anthony just turned turned the big two, last week. Luckily he is a good kid and as of now there are no signs of the terrible two's. But one thing Anthony does suffer from is an immense amount of energy. He is non-stop all day long. He's running, jumping, he thinks he's a ninja, he thinks he is a racer in a pink scooter, and he just never stops. 

When you have a toddler with so much energy, not just any diaper will keep up. And during the summer months it's even more important to have a really good diaper because since he is moving so much and the weather is hot, he is drinking a lot more. We don't have time to deal with soggy-leaky diapers or accidents that tend to happen when a diaper moves the wrong way. We have been using the same diaper: Huggies Snug & Dry with SureFit Technology and as usual this diaper delivers wonderfully. 

Huggies Snug & Dry stay with him every step of the way. Only Huggies has New SureFit* Design (*exclusive waistband, new softer outer cover and less bulky more flexible absorbent pad), so there is no bulky diaper holding him back or making him uncomfortable. With up to 12 hours of leakage protection, we can feel comfortable knowing that he can drink up, run around like crazy or sleep through the night, and have no accidents. 

Watch the new webisode "Little Dancer" featuring Zuleyka Rivera 
and her little boy Sebastian.

Former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera is the new Huggies spokesperson.  Huggies recently unveiled a new parenting webisode series featuring Zuleyka and her son Sebastian.

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We found our perfect diaper, have you?

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