#WeekendRecap via #Instagram #LatinaBlogger - Sammy Makes Six

#WeekendRecap via #Instagram #LatinaBlogger

This wasn't the most exciting of weekends, I spent most of it planning the week ahead and working. Still, I am happy that it was productive and that I already have so much in the works for the month. 

Saturday morning I took out the planner and the notebook and jotted all my coming posts down. I have some collaborations with brands and quite a few giveaways coming up too. It's really important, especially since I have so much going on, that I note each and everything down. Due dates, deadlines and payments. They all have to be in my notebook and calendar so that I don't miss anything. Because believe me, its been known to happen. LOL

After scheduling I got a nice surprise on FB, Nany ( a beloved reader) sent me a month's free People magazine subscription. It arrived just as I had finished the tedious chore above, and I immediately redeemed my gift and spent the next hour catching up on this. That was a nice, relaxing moment.

And that's when hell came to pay us a visit, in the form of 100+ degree weather. Normally it would not have been so awful, BUT the owner of the house we live in, had promised to come and fix our swamp cooler for two weeks now. And of course they never did. So it was literally hell, getting up to 102 degrees. 

Finally at seven it cooled off enough to work and I was able to take out the laptop and do some catch up work. I think I got about 4 hours of work done, before I laid down to "read" a bit of my recent book and immediately passed out. I don't think I am ever going to finish reading The Da Vinci Code , and it's such a good book!

Sunday morning arrived a lot cooler, it's so weird that we now consider 89 degrees cool. But that's what happens when you live in a place that gets extremely hot. You learn to love anything under 90. And even though we were going to stay in, my little girl got herself all prettied up, the way she always does. I loved the outfit she put together today, she even added the belt and bow herself. She is so much more fashionable than me, that's for sure.

Today I read a few more chapters of my book and then the only thing that I was really able to do for myself before once again getting to work was my nails. A few days ago I totally bit my nails off. I normally have long, beautiful nails but when I get anxious I have a tendency to revert to my childhood  habit of nail biting. And really my hands were looking so ugly and sad. But today I decided to add a pop of pretty color, even though the nails are pretty short and promised myself to stop biting. In fact I am going to order myself some pretty new polish colors as an incentive.

There is just something about having beautiful nails, that always makes me feel better. Even on the days that I feel most down in the dumps, painting my nails a fun, bright color will cheer me up. So I need these babies to grow back quickly.

That was it. My weekend working in the heat. Next thing I knew it was 8 and I had to dig this out and get to work. The good thing is that the very next post I am working on is a really cool giveaway! Can't wait for it to go live tomorrow morning. :)

So this was my boring but very busy weekend. I hope yours was a lot more fun that mine was.
How did you spend it?

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