Viva Las Vegas 2 #LasVegas #SpringBreak13 #Vacation #LatinaBloggers #travel - Sammy Makes Six

Viva Las Vegas 2 #LasVegas #SpringBreak13 #Vacation #LatinaBloggers #travel

In April we took a few days to go visit our favorite place, Las Vegas. Here is the first post where I shared a lot of my favorite pictures from that trip. And here is a post from 2011, when the whole family went together. As you can see, we go a lot. During this last trip I took so many pictures that I am sharing them in different posts, so as not to overwhelm.This was Sammy's third trip to Vegas, so she is an old hand at it and already has her favorite places to visit. This trip we didn't have time to spend the day at The Adventuredome, which is one of Sammy's favorite things to do. But we still managed to do a lot in those four days and made so many new memories.

Okay, so one of the must-stops is the M&M store on Las Vegas Blvd. I really have no clue why my kids love this place so much. It's insanely overpriced and incredibly smelly. I think the smell might have something to do with the location, right next to the MGM on the left hand side where the costumed characters hang out. This part of the strip is super crowded and more than a little bit seedy looking. So this place has 3 floors of overpriced M&M crap (for a lack of a better word) and even though I hate it, we stop by every time. But now I have gotten smarter and I refuse to buy anything. Poor Sammy-- I'm sorry but I refuse to pay $25 for a piece of plastic just because it has the M&M logo on it. 

The Aria and the Cosmopolitan are newer additions to the strip and both are so beautiful. Both are also pretty pricey so I don't think we will be staying there anytime soon. But if AB and I ever get to go just him and I, I would definitely consider one of these two hotels. 

I loved this bar inside the Cosmopolitan, it person it was just so sparkly!

A shot of the massive new billboard found at this plaza next to Planet Hollywood. HUGE! The McDonald's in this plaza is the best one we have found on the strip. Their prices are normal (every other place charges a few bucks extra per item) and they have free wi-fi and outlets so you can charge your devices. It was also really cute and very clean, all hard to find on the strip. If you want to eat really inexpensively and recharge your devices while surfing the net, I recommend this place. 

Another must-stop is Excalibur, home of Thunder Down Under and Tournament of Kings (been to both and them and had a super time at each). But for the kids we visit because of the FUN DUNGEON, an arcade and game area that is not as big as the one in Circus Circus, but offers a few different games.  The Fun Dungeon offers 150 games, including 16 Carnival style games and they also have a Dairy Queen there :) Sammy is little so we don't spend too much on these games, we usually just do the ones that are prize guaranteed, these are for smaller kids. So even if they lose they still get a prize and the children walk away with a bunch of goodies in the end.

This street artist caught my eye because he was doing something really different. At the same time though I was horrified. Using spray paint and some empty cans and random pieces of plastic, this guy was making some incredible paintings, but the fumes! OMG, the fumes were outrageous and all I kept thinking was that he needed a mask, or a fan, anything that could help the fumes gather away from him. 

The sad thing is that a few days later in the Freemont area, we saw another artist like this one. BUT this guy ( a white guy) had a fancy set up that included a huge fan that was sucking up the fumes around him and he was standing up, basically he was a lot more comfortable and not killing his brain. Made me feel even sorrier for the guy below, because you can tell these guys are just working, they are not the owners of the stand. There is always another guy collecting money and bringing people over to see the art being made. 

Well anyways, the finished product was pretty incredible, especially once you saw how he made and it how it looked nothing like a picture in the beginning. 

I will end this post here but will share one last one in the next week. It's so hard to pick from so many pictures and moments. That's why vacations are so fun. And we all need to take one, even if it's just for a few days. That's how we do it. We find a nice but inexpensive place to stay and we basically spend all our time out in the streets checking out the new sites and eating. But seriously, by the time we came back we were in a lot better shape than we left and we gave our little girl so many new memories of a short but wonderful Spring Break. If we can do it on our limited budget, you can too.

When was the last vacation you took?

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