Sammy and Lola : New Friends #BuildaBear #friends #bffs - Sammy Makes Six

Sammy and Lola : New Friends #BuildaBear #friends #bffs

Sammy made a new friend at Build A Bear yesterday. She got the Pizzazy Bear, but of course had to give it her own name and she called her, LOLA SPRINKLE. This bear is part of the Color Popz collection. These are HUGE {17"} and so bright, they also come with the glasses, so for $20, I think they are a really good deal. This time Sammy did not get clothes for her furry friend, because she had already spent quite a bit at The Disney Store. I will admit that I hate buying clothes for any of her stuffed animals, I think it's such a waste of money. If and when I do let her get outfits, it will be from the SALE wall, where you can buy stuff starting at $7 a piece. I just don't see the sense in paying $35 for a bear outfit, when I could buy HER an outfit for that price. I've become stingy in my elder When her older sisters were little, they got whatever they wanted. Sammy has to make do with my new stinginess. Poor Kid.

 But even without clothes, Sammy loves Lola Sprinkles and they make a great pair. It was so sweet to walk in last night and find her fast asleep with Lola in her arms. 

Suffed animals make great friends. I didn't have a lot when I was little but my mom got me a monkey once when I was like seven. I loved that monkey more than anything. And you know what? I still have that monkey. He is now 32 years old. 

Did you have a special friend when you were little?

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