My Most Used Apps: What Are Yours? #latinabloggers #apps #Android - Sammy Makes Six

My Most Used Apps: What Are Yours? #latinabloggers #apps #Android

Earlier today while on Facebook, a few friends and I were going over which apps we use the most in every day life. I was surprised to find that my most-used apps are all free. That's pretty great right? That helps me makeup for all that money I am spending on apps for the kids.

Gmail: I check my mail constantly, beginning at about 6 in the morning, even if I am still in bed, I will crack and eye open and check my email. I have missed some pretty good opportunities because being on the West Coast, a lot of people being working at six my time and when I was getting started at 9:00, I would find many opps had simply passed me by. This app makes life so easy, and as long as I can have my phone next to me, I can be on top of everything.

The Weather Channel: We live in the most horrible of places. Not only is this town super hot during the summer, it can get downright cold in the winter. We are pretty much slaves to the weather and we plan around it as much as we can. I will check my app to see when the best time to go for a walk, go get some milk, take kids to the park and pretty much anything else we are going to do out of the house. 

Instagram: I have only had my Instagram account since last August, but you can pretty much say that I am obsessed with it. I am a photo lover in general and I love this app and how easy it is to share and to see so many different things. I am on here a lot, every single day.

Facebook: I am also on FB a lot. At first I got the account only to fulfill the need for the blog. But slowly it has become something that I enjoy taking part in and I love the friendships that can develop. Though I have had to unfriend some people who are just IGNORANT and some others who are STALKERS, but overall I do enjoy my FB time. 

Starbucks: I am also really obsessed with coffee and in this case, Starbucks. I have been a major Starbucks drinker since my girls were teeny-tiny. Since I have a Starbucks Gold Membership, I get Starbucks rewards and that usually means that I spend even more with them than before. Plus my girls also have this app on their phones and whenever anyone needs a refill, I log in and reload the card. Plus I check my balances, my rewards and my stars. If you have this app, you know what I mean. 

Paypal: This app makes it super easy and fast to get into Paypal; check my balance, withdraw money or send money. You don't get all the features as the website, but it's great for all of the above. I also feel more secure logging in through the app than from my phone's browser.

These are the apps that I use the most, every single day, closely followed by Twitter, Netflix and my Chase app. Nothing too exciting but all of it very convenient. I love how easy technology has made so many things. What are some of your most used apps?

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