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Hello Summer ...

It's officially summer, and it is HOT. I admit that I am NOT a huge fan of summer. I've never really liked hot weather, just like I don't really like COLD weather. I'm just not a fan of extremes, and right here where we live, it can get pretty extreme (115 degrees + from July-Sept). But my little girl is excited that summer is here so we make the best of it. These are a few of the things we are doing in the next weeks, to welcome summer and enjoy not really the heat.

1. Stocked up on sunscreen: number one right here. We hit Walmart and bought a few bottles of sunscreen for anytime the kids step outside.

2. Bathing suits: everyone has either pulled out last years suit or purchased a new one. There will be many water activities happenin round these parts.

3. Wading pool: there is a community pool only a block away, but they open only during the peak hours of 2-5 and I don't like the kids being out in the sun during those hours. So every year we buy a small pool for them to play in during the cooler hours. 

4. SMORES : We love sweets, so smores are an absolute favorite. We've already stocked up on Hershey's, graham crackers and marshmallows galore. I am not too embarrassed to admit that I have already had two this week. 

It's only the first day of summer, so we still have much more planning to do. But this is a nice start to the season. What about you, are you all prepped and ready for summer?

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