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Happy Father's Day: Through The Years / Mi Papa Y Yo Por Los Años

Adrian is in Mexico this year and will not be here for Father's day. Sam and I dug back through old photos of them, to put a post together to send him. It's amazing to see how much they both change as the years pass. I am sending him a link on Sunday, from Sammy, as a gift. He doesn't have a lot of these pictures, I think he'll love them.

Through the years, me and Papa.

Hanging out at Starbucks, yes even back, they were dragging me to Starbucks. 

The time we took a break at a Santa Ana park and I looked like a homeless baby with no shoes.

The time we watched a soccer game at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

The time we went to Big Bear...my first time seeing snow. My dad was very handsome that day.

The time Papa took me to Disneyland for the first time and I was horrified when I saw Mickey. I also cried when I met Minnie, that is  documented in another photograph.

Hanging out at Hollywood and Highland Center. This water feature is now gone....boo!

At the grove, both of us were having a very bad hair day. I don't know why we both look horrified. Maybe we had looked in the mirror?

My mom says I look like Shrek in this picture, which means I look like my dad. I am happy to report my unattractive days are now behind me.

Second Xmas. With some of my gifts from that year.

A trip to see the snow in Idyllwild. Me and my dad take a lot of trips on our own. We always have a lot of fun.

Summer pic, I was a tad on the chunky side at this age.

Another trip to Disney. I don't know why I always look so unhappy in these pictures. I love Disney, but you would never guess that from these pictures.

A very recent picture of me and Papa on my 6th birthday. I am definitely getting better looking and my poor dad is getting older and he looks really tired in this picture. 

Feliz dia del Papa :) Sammy misses and loves you.

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