DIY: Patchwork Toilet Paper Roll Owls #owls #Owlloveyou - Sammy Makes Six

DIY: Patchwork Toilet Paper Roll Owls #owls #Owlloveyou

I am not the "craftiest" chick out there, but for my little girl I really try to at least come up with simple stuff. We have a craft container full of the basics; markers, glue sticks, construction paper, little eyeballs, cotton balls, and some other stuff that I find at Walmart and the dollar store. Today we decided to Google toilet paper roll crafts, and we found these adorable owls, which we loved. We did not have all of the materials that we needed, according to this post, but we improvised, and really in the end I think our owls are super-cute too. In fact we changed up our owls and made them Patchwork owls. 

These are the items that you will need:

toilet paper rolls
glue stick/bottle
safety scissors
construction paper
two eyeballs per owl (duh!)

Since we didn't have any type of themed scrap booking paper or gift wrap of any sort, we decorated our own sheets of paper. And we did this very simply. One page of colorful hearts and the other page stars. We only drew on enough of the area to cover the toilet paper roll. 


You can tell I am not a crafter by the way that I didn't even measure the paper completely right. But my baby didn't pick on me for being a bad mom and not knowing how to cut. That is when the patchworking came into play, we used the extra pieces we had drawn and glued them to the roll to cover empty spaces. We realized it was cute and added a few more pieces for extra charm.

The ears were a tiny bit tricky, you have to slowly fold each side of the roll down, evenly. Repeat on both sides until you have a set of cute owl ears. 

At this point our owls were really coming together and were now just missing the final body parts. I cut out extremely weird circles, and two cute little orange beaks. We grabbed our googly eyes, and got to gluing them babies on. 

There has to be an easier way to glue eyeballs, we were using the glue stick and managed to get glue all over us. Who knew one tiny glue stick could cover so much of one's body!?

The last step was fun and took me back to elementary school, when we used to fold a paper to cut hearts out. Sammy loved this part, of course. All little girls love hearts. 

Cut out four hearts, more slim and long versus wide and then glue facing down, on the side of your owl. So your owl can stand with no problem, only go as far as the end of the roll. And only add glue to the top of the heart and the middle, you want your wings to be able to open out. Just see how happy this owl was to get his wings! He was so happy I even added bokeh hearts to it's pic. 

The end result. Meet Abby and Lola, Sammy's patchwork owls. Their ears may be uneven, they have weird, different sized eyes with green glue all over them, and YET they are super-cute. My baby loved making them and has been playing with them all afternoon. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and the simplicity of this DIY craft. If you decide to make these adorable little owls, I would love to hear how they turned out. Thanks for stopping by =)

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