Catching Up Wednesdays #coffeetime #cupofjava #letschat - Sammy Makes Six

Catching Up Wednesdays #coffeetime #cupofjava #letschat

currently listening to: No Llores Por Mi by Enrique Iglesias

I have been a fan of Enrique for many years...since way before he crossed over to the U.S. His older Spanish songs are so incredibly romantic and pretty. If you don't believe me, watch the video below. He was so young back then, he still had his mole (which I loved). 

It's almost 2:00 a.m. and I was supposed to be in bed hours ago. But Jack just walked in the door 15 minutes ago, so I kept plugging away until she got here. It just doesn't seem right to fall asleep when one of your kids is still not home, am I right?

And this is what I do at two in the morning. I swear one of these days the people at PicMonkey are going to take my upgraded privileges away. I could at least do straight streaks, but it is past two and I am getting sleepy. And yes, this IS how I do my blush in real life. 

One of my favorite quotes.

"What is success? The ability to go to bed at night with your soul at peace." Paulo Coelho

I obviously have not reached success yet. I am still up. 

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