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Bobs by Skechers Earth Mama Slip on Shoes #Review #socialgood #bobshoes

I actually purchased (that means Adrian purchased) these shoes last year and just realized I never posted my review up, so here goes. As far as I know, this shoe is still available for about $36, depending on where you purchase it. I got mine at a Skechers for $38.

They are the Earth Mama in brown and I loved the color from the minute I saw them. They are a beautiful, rich shade of brown. I had been coveting black sparkly Toms all last year, but was unsure that they would be age appropriate. But when I saw these I threw all caution to the wind and got them.

Just like Toms Shoes, Bobs gives a pair of shoes to a child in need, with every purchase. Some people say this is just smart marketing, that we are overpaying on a shoe that should be five bucks, whatever. We all decide for ourselves, and to me, this is super important and quite possibly the one reason why I even purchase Toms. Really, I have had my red Toms now for a little bit over a year and they are still going strong. So it's not like they fall apart in months or weeks. Of course it depends on your usage, BUT I use my TOMS a lot, and both of my year-old pairs are doing well, thank you.

Packaging wise, these are very similar to Toms as well. You get the cardboard box with the happy faces. The box is made a little sturdier though and you do not get a flag/bag (oh but I did get a blue drawstring Skechers bag). I do use my box for storing my canvas shoes, since they can get easily flattened, so the box always a good thing.

You get the same toe-stitching and tag in the back as Toms. And this pair of Bobs also has the exact same sole as the Toms I have. All in all, it's basically the same shoe. Except, that I did not find my size {7} and had to purchase a 6 1/2, hoping they would stretch as many people say they do, and they never did. And that is the only reason I have only worn these a handful of times. They are too snug for wearing them longer than an hour or two. I think it all depends on your particular shoe, some stretch and some do not. My black Toms stretched so much from the firs time I wore them and the red ones have always maintained their snugness. 

Okay so I do love the shoes, I only wish I could wear them more often. I like the design and I like the ONE FOR ONE aspect, a lot. But I would probably NOT buy another pair of Bobs. I would rather stick to the original canvas shoe that gives back, TOMS.

If you would like to see a review from when I first purchased my red Toms head on over here. I will be posting a review of my brand new green Toms, soon too!

Which brand do you think you like best?

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