Take a Plain Picture And Make It Super Fabulous and Share-Worthy Using Photo Apps #Bokeh #latinabloggers - Sammy Makes Six

Take a Plain Picture And Make It Super Fabulous and Share-Worthy Using Photo Apps #Bokeh #latinabloggers

I am a big picture sharer. I am actually pretty obsessed with always taking pictures of everything, but before sharing I love making them stand out. Either really pretty and sparkly, or maybe black and white for drama, or even just a filter. It's so easy to make really great pictures, even when you're starting out with something that's not that great. And even if your camera isn't that hot either. Apps allow you to manipulate your images and just make them so much better. 

Today I took a quick picture just to show you how easy I can change a plain old pic and make it super glammy. Maybe a little too glamy, I did add a lot of bokeh to the end pics but that's just my preference.

Okay so plain pic. I just threw some cosmetics and magazines on my pillow. That's probably rule 1, the background. I always try to make sure that what I am showcasing has a nice background. Never on a dirty surface or carpet. So here I picked a hot pink pillow case and threw everything on top. And this was the result, a pretty ugly picture. Nothing special, nothing wowing me, nothing pretty to catch my eye. 

 So what I did was open the picture with PicsArt, a FREE photo app.

1. cropped it and got rid of the ugly stuff in the background
2. added a color filter (light-cross)
3. added a mask (heart bokeh)

As is, this is pretty already. We don't have the ugly bed with wrinkled sheets showing and you can't even tell it's taken on a pillow. This is basically ready to Instagram.

But because I am a Bokeh obsessed creature I then take it to one of my favorite apps, Real Bokeh. This is also a FREE app, I did upgrade for .99 but never really use the extra features I paid for. Instead I use all the originals. Here I added colored bokeh circles all around the frame, this app allows you to place the boken where you want it. Which is really great since most apps do not allow you to do this. So you can add one, two or twenty bokeh circles and you are also able to control the intensity. They can be really bright or you can make the effect really dim in the background. 

 Just to show you a different effect, here I added little squaredy-thingy instead of circles. Real Bokeh also lets you choose in between 3 sizes of bokeh and what colors you want them to be. You can pick as many or as few as you want. This is really one of the easiest apps to use that allows you to control your end result much more than others.

This was just a quick example. I hope to bring a few more soon with more details and how-to's  and using other apps. I take and share many pictures and if you happen to be someone who doesn't know much about picture apps, I hope this will help you see how easy it is to change up a picture from plain to fab!


Betzy Carmona said...

Thanks :)

Staci Luker said...

Cool app! I'll check it out!

Vane Aguirre said...

I love using free Photo Apps they make our life and photo editing easier!

Tara V. said...

That is pretty neat. I need to get a photo picture app.

Teresa Koedyker said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to try it.

Raine Pal said...

Wow! It is just a works of art. That is great! Cool to the eyes.

Victoria said...

This sounds interesting.