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Seven Simple Things That Really Make My Life Better #LatinaBloggers #enjoythelittlethings

I am really very simple, I don't have expensive tastes and like I tell my boyfriend, I am basically a cheap date. I've kind of always been like that, though of course I also love certain things that are a bit pricier. But overall the things that really matter to me, the things that make my day-to-day life better, are all things that are relatively cheap or free. For me it's all about enjoying the little things, and not spending my time waiting for the big things to come. I don't take much for granted and I am very thankful for even those tiny things that I get to enjoy on a daily basis. 

These are just some of the things that make my days better.

nail polish: I love changing up my nail polish and keeping my nails nice. This is an easy way to change things up with out over spending (even though I do spend a lot on nail polish), but I don't really do a lot of clothes or shoe shopping. So this is a relatively affordable vice.

reading: Though I have 4 different e readers, reading can basically be free. OMG and seriously there is nothing better in life than a good book! 

great products: Another thing I really enjoy is having a great selection of skin care items. Nothing has to be terribly expensive, as long as it works. I really love the Pink Grapefruit collection from Neutrogena. When I have a nice line like this to prep my face for the day, it just sets it off on the right foot.

coffee and a bagel or toast: For me it's always been about a light breakfast. I love getting the day started with a simple coffee and bagel or toast. It's never a good idea to skip breakfast because then you just can't function right.

my cell phone: I LUV my phone I really do. Mostly because I take a ton of pics and I love having it at the ready and being able to snap a picture and have it up on my networks within minutes. It's really been so much easier than having to lug the big DSLR around and not having to wait 30 minutes for pics to load, is absolutely priceless.

cafecito: I also love having coffee through out the day. It's another vice of mine and I admit that I spend way to much on Starbucks and other brands I buy when I am out. Still as long as I can get Adrian to purchase most of those coffees, then I am good. 

el novio: I am going to be really weird and add my boyfriend to this list. When I think of the things that really make my life pleasant on a day-to-day basis, my relationship is one of them. I've been in a bad relationship so I know how different it is to be in a good one, in a relationship where you don't have to walk on egg shells or not be yourself. Adrian has many faults and our relationship is far from perfect, but at the end of the day he is a really good guy. He is super patient, he cooks and looks after me, and he is a gentleman. I know that when he is around I feel safe and I feel good and I know that someone has my back. He knows I can be crazy, a bit lazy, kind of mean, I weigh a lot more than I did when we met, and I am lazy (did I say that already), and he still loves me. Never asks me to change. Never suggests I lose weight, never even tells me I should cook for us. Darn, he's practically perfect! A lot of times I don't take the time to appreciate this relationship and I really need to do it more often. He's only been gone a week and I already miss him so. :(

If anything I hope this post encourages you to enjoy the simple things in life. Enjoy every moment and be thankful for that book you are reading and totally loving, be thankful for that rainy day or bright sunny one. Be thankful for your partner and let them know you care. Be thankful for chance to see a new day. And be good to yourself, as women a lot of times we forget that we are important and that we need "me time" too.

What are some of those simple things, that make your life complete?


Betzy Carmona said...

My fiancee would just love for me to say those top few lines of yours...

I love nail polish too

Krista Bainbridge said...

Great list - My e-readers makes my day, too! :)