My Weekend Via #Instagram - Sammy Makes Six

My Weekend Via #Instagram

On Friday I received my new eyeglasses from Firmoo. Recently they started giving a first order free, so I signed right up to test them out. These glasses where originally $32 and I got them for $6.99 shipping only. They are not as nice or as my current glasses, in fact they look the tiniest bit cheapie but the prescription is perfect and they are super comfortable. All in all an amazing deal!

On Sunday we went up the street to do some shopping for the kids thank-you gifts for their teachers. As soon as we walked into Walgreen's, Jack saw this t-shirt and we both fully agreed that China's baby will need it once it is born. If you know China, you know this is so her.

We didn't buy a whole lot of stuff. A super cute and very sad card for Sammy's teacher, some candy for Jack, a notebook for me and 3 Wet N Wild cosmetics which were on sale for $1 off a piece. 

I went back to get two more tubes of this Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color after tying the first two out. I really, really like these. They were priced at $2.19 each and once I realized that they were not actually a gloss but a very pigmented lip color, I had to get more. I don't really like gloss because I have so much hair and it can get really messy. These have a great applicator and go on like a gloss, but then they dry to an almost stain finish and have MAJOR staying power. I bought two Wet N Wild lipstick very recently and was super impressed with how pigmented they were, so I realize now I will probably have to get to know this brand much better. 

After our tiny shopping trip we went to eat Chinese food and pizza and of course 
the obligatory stop at Starbucks. 

Ah yes and let me show you my new glasses on. Here I am wearing the "Rose to the Occasion" Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color.

When I got home I had to try the "Red My Mind" color too. I love red lip color and this baby stayed on till today. Because of course I fell asleep with a full face on after watching the Mermaid show on Animal Planet. That's what happens when you stay up past midnight to watch creepy mermaid documentaries.

I wanted to share Sammy's goodbye card for her teach. Originally we were searching for a thank you card, but as soon as we saw this, we knew it was exactly how Sammy felt, and she agreed. Sammy is extremely shy and because of it, she becomes very attached to certain people and she LOVES her teacher. Hopefully her 1st grade teacher will be just as nice as Mrs. Haughn.

And so that is all, we had a rather quiet weekend actually. Just a lot of tv watching and tablet playing for the kids. It was a good weekend and the children really enjoyed getting an extra day to hang out and relax. Tomorrow it is back to the grind for everyone and we have an extremely busy week ahead. Here is to a good week for everyone! Let's get it all done :))

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