Beech-Nut/Goya Hispanic-Inspired Baby Foods Are "Abuelita" Approved! #ad #BeechNutGoya #Beechnut - Sammy Makes Six

Beech-Nut/Goya Hispanic-Inspired Baby Foods Are "Abuelita" Approved! #ad #BeechNutGoya #Beechnut

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mamiverse and Beech-Nut/Goya. All opinions are my own.

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As you know I am a grandmother of 4 beautiful children. Right now little Julius is just starting out with baby food and it was time to pick a brand for him. I thought we would be feeding him the regular baby food flavors, really they are the same ones that have been around since my girls were little. But when I heard Beech-Nut and Goya would be collaborating on a line of Hispanic-inspired flavors of baby food, I was excited. No more boring banana and pear flavored baby foods that tend to bore kids into not wanting to eat. I couldn't wait to see what flavors they would come up with, and hoped that certain flavors which have always been my favorites, would be included.

Well the Beech-Nut/Goya team did not disappoint. As you can see, we have mango, papaya, and guava! These are the flavors that have always been a part of my life. I knew as soon as I saw them, that baby Julius was going to love them! 

The flavors we received:
  • Corn Cereal - Cereal de Maiz
  • Peach Mango - Melocoton Mango
  • Carrots Corn - Zanahorias Maiz
  • Apple Guava - Manzana Guayaba
  • Mango

I really like this collaboration between two brands that I already know and trust, Beech-Nut and Goya. They have brought us authentic "abuelita" approved flavors for our little ones. Beech-Nut/Goya's new line of traditional Hispanic flavors is 100% natural and contains no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives. The full line consists of more than 20 delicious flavors. With such a wide range available, it will allow Julius to eat a varied diet that is healthy, nutritious and yummy!

The Beech-Nut/Goya Hispanic-inspired line of baby foods is very much welcome in our home. Both Anthony and Julius are bi-racial, but we want them to eat Hispanic flavors as much as possible. We want our little guys to learn to love our "comidas y sabores", and this new line is really allowing that to happen. It's about time someone thought about bringing Hispanic flavors to our bebes.

Find out more about the convenience and wide range of Hispanic-inspired Beech-Nut/Goya baby foods by visiting them online.  I'd love to know which flavor your baby fell most in love with. Here the favorite for sure is Apple Guava followed closely by Mango!!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mamiverse and Beech-Nut/Goya. All opinions are my own.

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