Viva Las Vegas #1 #LasVegas #SpringBreak13 #Vacation #LatinaBloggers #travel - Sammy Makes Six

Viva Las Vegas #1 #LasVegas #SpringBreak13 #Vacation #LatinaBloggers #travel

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite pictures from our small Spring break vacation to Las Vegas last week. We usually go in the summer, when it is incredibly hot and this time the weather was so perfect, never going over 85 degrees. These are just a few of my favorite pics, I will share more on a later post. 

The Roller Coaster at New York New York is something that I find so incredibly scary. This ride costs $14 per person and lifts riders up 203 feet then drops then down 144 feet. Perhaps the craziest part is that you can GET MARRIED on this coaster. For a small fee of $600 for a morning ceremony  or $700 for an evening ceremony (both include minister), you can get hitched in one of the most iconic and exhilarating Las Vegas venues. 

The 150-foot-tall replica of the Statue of Liberty, that stands in front of New York New York.

The replica of the Brooklyn Bridge is very impressive at 300 feet long and 50 feet high. Here is where I took one of my favorite shots of the trip. 

Replica of a bulding in Soho New York. I think I fell in love with this building because it is just so realistic looking. 

The fountains and statues in front of the Monte Carlo as absolutely beautiful and make for a great picture spot. 

I took many shots of Sam and Adrian here, but I will only share one so as not to bore you.

If I am not mistaken this is a shot of the strip from the bridge crossing from New York New York to the MGM Grand. The Aria and The Cosmopolitan (blue buildings) are a newer part of the landscape.

My favorite hotel on the strip, The Venetian. This pic was taken with my Canon.

This moving shot was taken with Ab's iPhone 5. 

I took this shot right after they Sirens of TI show and what you see is the smoke from the fireworks at the end. No pics of the show...sorry. Personally, I hate that show since they changed it from the original pirate theme and we only went to see it because Sammy asked to watch it. I do not think this show is child friendly and considering it is one of the main attractions in Vegas, where people take kids of all ages, they really should have done a more family friendly version. There are many places where you can see adult shows in Vegas, and this used to be so fun for kids. At some point they also did away with the small game room they had for children similar to those in Excalibur and Circus Circus. Maybe Treasure Island is trying to appeal more to adults than children. 

The Freemont Experience was something we had never been to in the many, many years we have been visiting Las Vegas. Talk about a different world. It really is a whole other side to Las Vegas and definitely an adult playground where cheap drink and food can be found in abundance. You can also find many little shops and zip line while watching a DOORS or QUEEN light show. What is this light show you ask?

The light show features a 90-foot-high LED video screen canopy covering four blocks of Fremont Street between Main Street and Fourth Street. You can catch this show seven times each night at the top of each hour starting at 6 p.m. And it is a pretty amazing show and completely different  from anything I have watched before. I have a few videos that I will upload and share on another post so you can see a little bit of how cool these shows are. It was so neat to literally look out and see hundreds of people singing to Bon Jovi's "Shot Through The Heart" and Queens "We Will Rock You". 
Besides having .99 fried Oreos and Twinkies (which I did not get to try), Freemont has something that literally took my breath away. If you follow me on Instagram or FB, you know I am a Starbucks junkie, and this is not just any ole Starbucks, this is a 24 HOUR STARBUCKS!!!! You can actually sit at a table outside and enjoy the light show and work on your computer at the same time. I DIE!
I told my older girls that as soon as they all hit 21 we are going back to Vegas just to hang out in the Freemont area. I really liked that place and I still can't believe we had never been there. I have a lot more to show you from out trip, on another post I will share more pics and some videos. I hope you enjoy the pics above and that if you haven't been to Vegas, these give you some idea of how fun and exciting it can be, without even having to drink and gamble. Not that there is anything wrong with that, we would have loved some time to do both but since we took Sam and no one else to help watcher her, this time it was all kid friendly stuff. 


karel said...

Wow, this just makes me want to go to Vegas even more!

Krista Bainbridge said...

I love that you can get married on a coaster! How fun is that?!?!

Victoria said...

I have always wanted to go to Vegas. Now after seeing your photos I have to make this want into a reality.

Jessica Harlow said...

Your photos are amazing and really highlight the true Vegas! Or at least what I would expect Vegas to be like! Some day...oh, I'd love to go!

nany de paz said...

wow que buenas vacaciones tuvieron!!! que envidia, pero de la buena.

wow you had good holiday! to envy, but good. jeje :) :)

Betzy's Makeup said...

Its been so long since Ive gone