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Touching Up Photos w/ PicMonkey #LatinaBloggers #picMonkey

Before last year I never used to take the time to edit any photos. Everything would be uploaded on here just as it came out of the camera. If you have a DSLR camera you know how scary that can be, they pick up every single little flaw that you have. That is why I refuse to have pictures of me taken with my own camera, I just can not stand to see the truth. However my girls are my constant models for many of our reviews here and even though they are absolutely gorgeous, even they have a bad day here and there. That is why when I found PicMonkey last year I started using it to change up some of the pictures. Nothing too drastic as I DO NOT believe in airbrushing to the point of no recognition. Instead I use this free software to make my pictures better and to correct those small imperfections. 

PicMonkey is now charging $5 per month in order to use some of the features. I am signed up for this upgrade but that was just this month, before that I have always used the free version and I was able to do a lot with it. I pretty much upgraded because the teeth whitener and blemish remover are two of the edits I use the most and both are only available in the upgraded version. 

My children really don't need a lot of editing, I only use this when I really want to make a picture look good and most of the times I just use the light effects. But here is a sample of what you are able to do with a picture that needs more help. This is a picture of China from almost three years ago that she HATES. But I thought it would be perfect for this demonstration. 


Effects: tranquil
Touch up: wrinkle remover under her eye and around the mouth, I added mascara to her eyes and some blush to give her cheeks some color. I also used the teeth whitener which made a huge difference.
Frames: rounded corners

This would be exactly how I would use this picture. I probably would have even left the marks around her mouth as those are natural. But I did get rid of the darkness under her eyes and overall her skin looks more even and her smile so much brighter. I also love the flush of color on her cheeks!

This is the same picture but with the added effect which I hate, airbrushing. And this is only a slight airbrush, I kept the fade at about 50% because her face was starting to melt off. I have seen so many people post pictures of themselves where they are so airbrushed it doesn't even look like them anymore, and that to me is a big no-no. She looks good, but she looks fake.

Here I lowered the airbrushing some more, so it would look more natural and added my favorite new effect, which is available in the free version, bokeh! I love bokeh and I know I get carried away with it. Here is where I overdo, I know this and I don't care, we all have our vices and this is one of mine. The bokeh effect is available in 5 shapes ( circle, star, gleam, heart, pentagon )and you are able to control how much to add and the fade out. I love the end look of this photo, it's all so sparkly and white.

This one I just did for fun. This was done with the Day of the Dead theme and was a blast to make. I look forward to making one of each of my girls when Dia de los Muertos comes around again.

These are just a few of the things that you can do with the PicMonkey editor. There is so much more, you can even change hair and eye color, which is neat I guess. For me, it's become a really great tool that is super affordable when compared to those really pricey software. Like I said, I mostly love changing up the color on a picture, adding some fonts and just making a picture more interesting. If I was taking professional pictures and really needed to airbrush or correct photos, this would probably not be enough but for this blog it is just perfect. Really most of all, PicMonkey is easy-peasy, I have tried the big software many times at my old job and could not get the hang of it without a class. This is super simple and anyone can use it. 

I hope you enjoyed the sample pictures I have shown you. 
What do you use to edit your photos?

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