Follow Your Dreams #LatinaBloggers #Goals2013 - Sammy Makes Six

Follow Your Dreams #LatinaBloggers #Goals2013

As of January I was pretty sure that I was giving up this blog and with it, the complete four 1/2  long years that I have been working online. Then I realized I had been working way too long and given up way too much,  just to throw it all away. How many times have I not read to my child or spent time with her or the grand kids because I have been glued to this computer? Way too many. That is why I can not give up, too much has gone into making this work, and it's going to work, because I am going to make it happen.

Instead I have made some new goals, and these are goals that I am going to spend the rest of the year making happen. Next year I want to start attending conferences, and in order to do that I will need to grow my influence, my audience and engage sponsors so that I can hopefully get some of my trips sponsored. I also have to lose weight because I will not feel comfortable getting out there, meeting people and really putting myself forward, if I don't feel great about myself. Confidence is key, and right now I am not feeling too fantastic about myself. But I have lost weight before and I know I can do it again, I just have to stick to it. 

One thing is for sure, I am not giving up anymore. From here on out for the next 8 months, it's going to be all hard work. I intend to be in a much better place and in a much better position this time next year. Time to turn this little job/hobby into a career.


MikiHope said...

Go for it!! I'm behind you all the way!!

Smash Bravo said...

Thank you Michele, you have always been such a great supporter. You are appreciated.