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When It's Time To Potty Train- Let Pull-Ups Help You Celebrate #EveryFlush

Before you are a parent you never imagine that one day you will be celebrating potty. Yes I said potty. From the minute they put that baby in your hands you become a celebrator of potty in the diaper and later on, of potty in the big potty. I really see it right now with my sister who has a baby who is 3 months old, and because Julius has always had a hard time going to the bathroom, when the little guy manages to go, we practically have a party. There is that relief when you know that their little tummy's have been emptied and that they are more comfortable...plus their little bodies work!

Now with my son Anthony, I am looking forward (not really) to starting the whole potty training process once he hits the age of two in a few months. If I learned anything from the experience with his brother, it is that it's not going to be easy. I had a much easier time with my daughter, which is the same thing I always hear from other parents, how it's so much easier to teach girls to go potty versus boys. But that is why I want to start early with Anthony and why this time I won't give up no matter how hard it gets. This happened to me a lot with Angel and he wasn't trained until he was almost four.

Did you know?
Four million toddlers will embark on potty training each year. Hispanic moms often feel pressure from friends and family to potty train their child as early as possible but don’t understand the process so they stop once setbacks occur.

That's why I am excited to be taking part in the Pull-Ups "Madrinas del Baño" campaign. In this campaign I will have the opportunity to learn how to be a better "potty" teacher to my son. Anthony will also get to test out some great Pull--Ups products. Potty training is a huge milestone for all children, a milestone that should be celebrated and enjoyed and Pull-Ups is helping us with this goal with their new Every Flush incentive, by giving us great tools to help with potty training.

Taking part is super easy, just visit the Pull-Ups, click the yellow Start Now button and you will have access to your First Flush Celebration Kit that includes; badges, festive photo frames, potty party hats and confetti. All tools that will help make the potty training experience easier, more fun and more interactive for the kids. If there is anything I believe in when it comes to teaching kids anything, it's that the more fun you make it, the faster they will learn. 

Learn more about Every Flush by visiting and liking Pull-Ups on Facebook.

Although some believe that children should be trained by the time they are two years old, experts say you shouldn't start training your little one until you see that they are ready. If you are ready to train then you should definitely let Pull-Ups help you make it easier. Visit them today and download all the goodies that will make potty training a lot more fun for everyone.

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