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Spring Crafting w/the Kids : Coffee Filter Butterflies

I am not the craftiest chick out there, but I do like to take the time to do a few things with the kids when I have the time. Today we decided to look up a few Spring crafts and found a really cute and easy butterfly craft that only required two things I didn't have. Originally I had purchased water colors for this craft but found a You Tube video that suggested food coloring, so we decided to give that a try. This was super fun to make and very easy. Hope you enjoy making your own Spring Coffee Filter Butterflies too!

What you need:

regular basket coffee filters
construction paper
food coloring
container for food coloring
pipe cleaner
paint brush

How to:
  1. pour food coloring into a cup or container, you can add some water to dilute the color or leave for a really strong shade
  2. give each child a piece of construction paper or other strong paper to protect table
  3. let the kids paint away, I had them color the entire filter but they can also paint designs
  4. once that is done lay the filter flat and allow to completely dry
  5. accordion fold filter and fold in half
  6. grab 1/2 pipe cleaner and twist around the middle of the butterfly
  7. using a round item or fingers curl the antenna
  8. spread wings carefully, the smaller you folded it the crinklier it will be
  9. tie with a piece of twine, yarn or fishing line and hang in any room you like. 

I would recommend making a few in different colors and hanging on the ceiling. When the sun hits the butterflies they look so pretty and they move around so much. This is definitely a really easy craft that doesn't require a lot of items or a lot of crafting know-how. 

What is your favorite Spring craft to do with the kids?

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