@PicMonkey Photo Editor Fun Pictures #LatinaBloggers #Spring #photoeditor - Sammy Makes Six

@PicMonkey Photo Editor Fun Pictures #LatinaBloggers #Spring #photoeditor

I love PicMonkey. As you may know I love taking pictures and either changing them up with my android photo apps or with an editor on my computer. For my computer I have only ever used Pic Monkey, I should probably look for more but since Pic Monkey has so many features, I have not felt the need to search out any others. Today I think I will be upgrading to Royale so I can take advantage of the new upgraded features, but I thought I would share a post with some of the pictures I have redone using FREE features only. I don't know why I didn't do one for Day of the Dead, but when I have time I will def get one done. 

Spring Has Sprung. Spring is almost here and Pic Monkey added fun little spring creatures, beautiful flowers, and Easter eggs. Perfect because this year Sammy's birthday falls on Easter, so for the photo I put birthday hats on the Lene and Angel and a crown on the birthday girl. 

This was the Valentine's picture where I added bokeh hearts, roses, and a cupid slinging an arrow.

The holiday picture was really fun. I added snow, overlays, flourishes cornitures, pinecones, a snowman and some of the snowman accessories to the kids. 

I want to see how many times I can change this picture around to fit the season and holidays. Definitely something fun to do and the kids love seeing what changes I make to them each time.

Are you a fan of Pic Monkey or what editor do you currently use?