My Favorite Little Girl Hair Bows: Fallen Star Couture Inc #Review - Sammy Makes Six

My Favorite Little Girl Hair Bows: Fallen Star Couture Inc #Review

Some of the best deals and finds that I have ever found, have been courtesy of the blogging world. One of these finds is an item that my daughter uses almost on a daily basis: her hair bows. I found out about these beautiful handmade bows on Tiny Oranges and as soon as I saw them I knew these would be perfect for Sammy's hair when she began school last year. The best thing about these bows is the price, at only one dollar per bow, they are absolutely cheap because seven months later they are still in perfect condition.

Where to find them: Fallen Star Couture on Etsy

When I bought them the store was called Who Made That Bow, which was such a cute name, but I guess they have changed to Fallen Star. The price though is still the same great deal, I ordered 10 bows and paid $3.85 in shipping. 

I got Sam colors that would match her school uniform polos, but there is quite a few other colors to choose from, including some really cute polka dots ones I really want to get her next. 

The alligator clip backing allows the bows to lay nice and flat and really grip on to Sammy's hair, even right now when we are growing her bangs and training them to go to the side. 

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I really love these hair bows and will for sure be ordering more for summer and a whole new batch when the next school year starts, including the polka dot style. If you have a little girl and need super cute bows that will really hold on to hair, go and check out this store, with that price you really can not  go wrong. 

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