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#Kindle Book Review : The Buggy List #ebooks #review #chicklit #amazon

The Buggy List by Courtney Rice Gager
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My Review:

I grabbed this maybe two weeks ago for FREE from the Amazon Kindle store and read it in just three sittings. When I first began to read it I almost deleted it because the first two chapters were a bit boring and the writer writes a bit rushed but I kept going and after a few chapters it got more interesting. The couple makes a Buggy List, which is a list of items they want to do before having their first baby. I loved that idea and think this is something more people should do before having kids. As they set out to mark things off their list, things get a little more fun and romantic for the couple. The part about the couple becoming an overnight You Tube sensation was a little too far fetched for me, but since this like this are actually happening on a daily basis, I guess it's not too off mark. But it seemed like too much went wrong at once and in the end of course every one forgave the wife for getting herself into so many pickles...and they lived happily ever after.

Would I buy this book for $2.99?

Probably not because it is very short and not as good as it could be. It was a cute and quick read and I did enjoy most of it but it really could have been better.

My rating:

3/5 stars

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