#Instagram Moments of the Week - Sammy Makes Six

#Instagram Moments of the Week

It's been a quiet week this week, so much so that I have actually gotten a chance to get some reading done, as well as catching up on some Netflix watching. These are my favorite Instagram moments of the week so far.

Sunday was relax day. We were out all day Saturday so it felt super to be able to lay about my bed on Sunday and just relax. I finished a book on the Kindle Fire and after that I watched Mama with China on my Blackberry Playbook. Pretty good movie but not as creepy as The Devil Inside, which we watched last Friday.

Sammy ready to go to school on Monday. We had such a lazy Sunday that we completely forgot to practice her reader, so we gave it a quick run before she headed to school. And she passed!!

Pulled out my best friend from my purse where it had been for the last month. Got worried for a bit there because I tried to run a search and it froze three different times, so I had to reset over and over again. I could not stand if this broke, because it is my favorite ebook reader and my original Kindle. 

Always nice to get an email from Starbucks letting me know that I just hit the Lucky Dozen and now have a free food or drink in my gold card. I am working on a post about Starbucks Rewards just in case you don't happen to know how it works. I am always surprised when I am paying with my phone app and people ask me how the app and the rewards work, so there is obviously people who don't have a registered card...and what a waste of free drinks!

This was my Thursday morning, as I watched news of the new Pope, I browsed my new copy of In Style magazine and enjoyed my first cup of the day.

Tonight we took a trip to Walmart to grab all the Easter stuff for the kids. I must have been hungry because this Funfetti pair is what excited me the most of all the things we purchased. But then who doesn't love Funfetti??

Adrian and I ended the night at Starbucks where we used a coupon for 50% off espresso drinks and paid only $2.47 for a Venti Macchiato. Their drinks taste even better when I am not paying almost 5 bucks per each one.

As you can see, nothing too exciting for me going on, which might be a bit boring but at the same time nice because I don't have to be running like I usually am. How is your week going?

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