#DIY : Dyeing Easter Eggs w/ Food Coloring #crafts #Kids #Easter #Spring - Sammy Makes Six

#DIY : Dyeing Easter Eggs w/ Food Coloring #crafts #Kids #Easter #Spring

This year we are actually ready for Easter ahead of time for the first time ever. There will be no last-minute rushing to the store to buy the last of the baskets available or to get the last offerings of candy. This time we shopped a few weeks ahead of time and are completely ready for Easter Sunday with the kids. We even purchased our egg coloring kits, which we will now be returning because I love what we did so much more today, and I am much more comfortable knowing that we will be dying eggs with food coloring. I always wonder about the dye used and am not always completely convinced that it is safe. 

I saw this idea on a YouTube video last week and was actually going to use the same food coloring we used for our coffee filter butterflies. That was the Great Value {Wal-Mart} 4-pack that has blue, red, green and yellow for $1.99. But last night I found the perfect alternative, a 4-pack of McCormick NEON Food Color & Egg Dye that cost $3.97 {also Wal-Mart}. This comes in purple, green, pink and blue shades, which are so much more perfect for the season. Today I grabbed the three older kids, gave them each a cup, a piece of construction paper to protect the table surface and off we went to color Easter eggs. 

boiled and refrigerated eggs - we used 16 eggs
food coloring/ we had 4 bottles
4 cups one for each color
4 sheets of construction paper/you can also use newspaper or foil wrap
(not pictured) drying rack- we used the empty egg carton

Instructions: Add 25 drops of each color into empty cup / for the green color I added 5 extra because it was too light and even like that it was still really light. Once all drops are in add about 3 /12 inches of water to cup. I was trying to keep the color as concentrated as possible so when we added the eggs there was a small amount of egg uncovered but it worked just fine by moving it around, which the kids will do anyways. Let the egg soak until you have reached the shade you like. We kept them in about 3 minutes so we could get really bright and colorful eggs. Then just place them on a napkin or the empty egg carton to completely dry.

Let me tell you the kids LOVED doing this little craft today. I had mentioned it earlier this week and they bugged me every day till I had to go and get the eggs to make them. They had a ton of fun coloring them, switching colors until they each did an egg in each shade and then EATING them. We all love boiled eggs with salt, so it ended up also being our lunch. And the end result was so pretty, so vibrant and I really like knowing that this would be safer for them in case they ate some of the dye. 

Those little bottles of color really go a long way and we still have enough to make another three batches the same as today. We are going to be making some more next week :) 

I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you try this out yourself!!


Betzy's Makeup said...

This was so helpful

Smash Bravo said...

Thanks for stopping by Betzy!

Debbie McConnell said...

I remember when my mom would mix food coloring for us to dye our Easter eggs. I forgot all about that until now. Thanks for reminding me.

reyna pmora said...

wow te quedaron muy lindos! y esta es la primera ves que nosotros festejaremos pascua con nuestra nena :) ya tenemos casi todo listo :) gracias por el tip ;)

Tami @ UnlimitedBookshelves.com said...

I haven't dyed eggs in a very long. I will be doing it next year with my lil' one.

Kendra Pahukoa said...

oh they are so pretty- we are dyeing eggs tonight! wish i had that neon set! :)

nany de paz said...

Hi, it looks great as were the Easter eggs, thanks for the tutorial.

hola, se ve genial como quedaron los huevos de pascua, gracias por el tutorial.