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A Lesson In Positivity (is that a word?)

Maintaining a positive attitude isn't always easy. Two months ago I was sure I would be giving up this blog and everything else that I do online. I let myself get so down in the dumps about it that the entire month of February I had no campaigns and nothing that would bring an income in at all. True, I had a nice month with my boyfriend, went to LA a few times, celebrated Valentine's. Then I laid in bed almost dying while he took care of me for almost 2 weeks, but I made no money. 

Besides not earning my share of income, I let my Klout score fall over 10 points, and I lost Twitter and FB followers. Basically my online influence took a hit, and that was pretty silly since I have been working on my numbers for over two years now. It's unfortunate that it all comes down to numbers, but it really does. I just applied  with a new media group and their application asked for everything, including Instagram and Pinterest. They even asked for a few that networks that I don't take part in. But I filled it out and I am hoping that I qualify to work to work with them because they work with some really awesome companies.

But anyways, I digress. The moral of my story is that last week I dug myself out of my unmotivated stupor, dusted off my laptop (poor thing hadn't been on in weeks) and got my behind to work. It really helped that Adrian had just left to Mexico so I had plenty of uninterrupted time to dig in. I applied for new opportunities, some of them being a little out of my comfort zone, which is something I normally won't do. I  entered a bunch of giveaways hoping to win some goodies for the two birthday girls that I had in March and I didn't allow myself to get lazy. 

So far the universe has really rewarded me.  It's like I opened myself up, sent positive vibrations out, and those vibrations brought back plenty of good stuff. But the best part is that this is just the beginning, I am a big believer in momentum and I am going to keep going. If just one week can make such a difference then there is unlimited potential to what I can achieve. No more doubting, no more slacking. Just working, networking and getting myself out there and noticed. Even though this blog doesn't bring in a lot of interaction, I found out this week that others do think I am influential and my voice is actually heard by many people.

Being positive really does allow positive things to come your way. So no more blocking it out with negative thoughts or feelings...make way for the good!

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Janna Renee said...

Keep at it girl! It's great that you make money off of blogging!