FINALLY There Is A Cure #Hipster #Twitter #Facebook #MySpace #Tumblr #Instagram - Sammy Makes Six

FINALLY There Is A Cure #Hipster #Twitter #Facebook #MySpace #Tumblr #Instagram

We've all seen them. Those twenty-something loners types, who spend their days sitting in coffee shops, downloading all the latest indie tunes off of iTunes, visit the Apple store frequently but never purchase anything, and take weirdly angled pictures of their food before they eat it. Their the ones who dress in "hobo chic" or vintage fashion, wear fedoras over long un-brushed hair, and sport the itchy beards. They listen to bands you've never heard of and all plan to be writers or photographers but have never made any real effort to any of these goals. Their the ones who have recently become interested in art, culture, independent thinking, and creativity. Yes, "hipsterism" is a plague that has spread far and fast across America. Hipsterism is highly contagious in major cosmopolitan areas like New York, Chicago, or San Francisco. Hipsterism has been found to be highly damaging to your brain, personality, and personal hygiene. But finally now there is hope...

So call you doctor now if you are experiencing any of these symptoms to stop hipsterism in its tracks and become an actual unique individual today. 

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