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Bedtime Reading With Sammy #Lalaloopsy

One of my favorite daily moments is right before Sam goes to bed. The entire bedtime routine is comforting and we try to make it as relaxing for her as possible. According to experts, it is better for a child to read right before bed instead of watching television or playing with a tablet, which is what we used to let her do before. Reading is supposed to relax their mind more and get them ready for a peaceful nights sleep, versus getting their brain all riled up with a game or tv.

With plenty of books to choose from, Sammy gets to pick one or two books per night and we read them together. Right now her favorite books are the two Lalaloopsy books she got from her first Scholastic order from school. Can you believe those still exist? I am almost 40 and I remember those from when I was a kid.

Every night we read for about thirty minutes. How long do you read to your child and which is their favorite book?

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Adrianna said...

I know you can also order online but there must be nothing better for kids than getting these at school. How exciting!