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A Dyson For Your Dog Hair

A normal, busy home is often a dusty, hairy, grimy one, despite the best efforts of all concerned. And let’s face it, doing the vacuuming has never been cool, sexy or desirable. That was until British designer James Dyson came on the scene and changed everything. Before the iconic, cyclone-based bagless Dyson vacuum came along, ironically the biggest advancement in vacuuming technology was the disposable bag – yet that was exactly what he chose to get rid of. And that’s great because now we don’t have the hassle of cleaning our vacuum or the expense of replacing a bag. Other manufacturers are now scrambling to ape Dyson’s technology and some, including Hoover, are doing pretty well at it. However, the sheer range of Dyson is one of its greatest strengths. Whether you've in a studio apartment or a huge family home, Dyson seems to have the perfect cleaner.

From the DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to the DC40 Multifloor Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, via the medium-sized DC19DB Bagless Cylinder Vacuum cleaner, they really do seem to offer a product for everyone. Most of them are based on the revolutionary (in more ways than one!) ball design that Dyson was a pioneer of – designing a vacuum like this means that it’s easier to maneuver into tighter spots and round objects like tables and chairs.

Beside its normal range, Dyson also now does its purple Animal range. These tend to be slightly larger and slightly more powerful their standard equivalents so it’s really up to you to decide how big a machine you need to cope with the dirt, fluff and hairs in your home! One of the real upsides of a Dyson is the growing anecdotal evidence that it encourages men to take more interest in the vacuuming. Apologies if this seems sexist but the modern design of the Dyson range means that many men covet them and look after them with all the love and attention they would normally reserve for their car – and are all too happy to get it out of the cupboard to show what it can do. There’s nothing like a bit of futuristic, masculine-style technology to get a man into domestic cleaning! Sorry guys!

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