This Weeks Reading / Lo Que Lei Esta Semana #JenniferWeiner #ChickLit #bookworm #books - Sammy Makes Six

This Weeks Reading / Lo Que Lei Esta Semana #JenniferWeiner #ChickLit #bookworm #books

I must say this week has been wonderful reading-wise.  I found a new cozy mystery collection from a writer I had never read and then moved on to an author that can never go wrong, Jennifer Weiner. All three books are from my public library, yes I am a library card carrying nerd, and I love it. In case you have never checked out library books via your Kindle, it is super easy and so convenient because your books go back right on time and none of those pesky little fees that actually add up in the end. I am constantly paying a few dollars here and there because I either forget to renew my books or to go drop them off on time. Checking them on the Kindle I can either borrow them for 7 or 14 days, and never be late. 

What are you reading this week?

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