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Start Fresh and Sparking Clean In 2013 w/ #CascadeComplete

There is no better time like the new year to start a-fresh. Whether it's a new diet you have been promising you would begin, or maybe you have been looking forward to redecorating your home or your office. The new year is the perfect time to get a clean start, and there is no better place to get that clean start than in your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the family and it's always in use, so what can we do to keep it inviting and make cooking more of a pleasure than a chore?

Give it a mini-makeover:
Budgets are strained at the moment but I find that adding a new set of dish towels, a few matching kitchen utensils and even a colorful garbage can or drying rack can make the whole room look fresh and different. It's like adding colorful nick knacks to a living room that is drab and in need of TLC, it won't cost a lot of money but it will def change it up and make it new and fun.

Get rid of unnecessary items:
I love buying kitchen items so there always comes a point where there is simply no more space and half the stuff we have we don't even use. So what better way to start fresh than by purging your kitchen of all those extra items? And that doesn't necessarily mean throwing them away. You can have a yard sale or donate them to the needy, as long as they have been gently used. If we are talking about all the pots missing handles that you just can't bear to throw out, because "one day" you will fix them, then I think it's time to let them go.

Keep it clean:
There is no bigger pet peeve of mine than a dirty kitchen. My room is just off the kitchen and there is nothing that makes me more upset than coming out of my room to a sink full of dishes and cluttered, sticky counters. UGH! I get so angry and it really sets my mood off so bad that if I was planning on using the kitchen I won't do it. 

Providing the right products for everyone to help keep the kitchen clean is imperative. That includes having paper towels, a bottle of kitchen cleaning solution and the right dish washing soap at the ready, so that even the "teens" can clean up after themselves. For the dishwasher Cascade Complete has always been a must. There is no other brand that I can trust to deliver shiny, clean, fresh smelling dishes like Cascade. Since Cascade fights film 2 times better than other detergents, even if the kids are the ones to set the machine up, I know they will come out sparking clean.

Our town has extremely hard water, but even with that, Cascade Complete has helped us keep “Sparkling Clean in 2013” and it really is a brand that I know has stood the test of time and delivers spot-free dishes every  time. 

Right after finishing the kitchen I want to tackle other rooms in the house, like the living room and my bedroom. It would be wonderful to have the energy to do the whole house. But at least we are beginning with the most important room in the house, and the room that is most used by all. 

How are you starting fresh in 2013?

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