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Salon Avenue Suites Offers Turn Key Business

Salon Avenue Suites offers stylists an innovative and cost effective way to start their own salon. They do not need the huge investment capital and overhead costs associated with starting a new business because Salon Avenue Suites eliminates that step. Stylists can live the dream and offer their clients the latest styles in the best facilities.

Founded by Juliette Proenza, Salon Avenue Suites has over 25 years of experience helping beauty professionals start their own salons. The company will help the stylists complete the prerequisite forms and obtain the required licensing in a very short time, so they can start business within a few weeks.

The suites for lease are spacious and attractive with a client-friendly ambiance, and stylists can add their personal touches. Each suite is equipped with the latest salon technology including European backwash shampoo units.

Motivated beauty professionals now have the chance to earn four or five times the amount they earn while working for someone else. Business savvy stylists can also confer with the company for feedback on how they are running their small business. They keep 100 percent of their income and can better support their families and enjoy a better lifestyle.

When stylists become business owners, it is very rewarding. They gain a great sense of achievement and, because they are their own boss, they also have flexibility in their working hours. This feeling of achievement gives the new salon owner the determination and dedication needed to make the business a success.

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