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My Life via Instagram #Latina #latinablogger #lifestyle

If you are on Instagram I would love to follow you. I love Instagram and it's the app that I use the most. I am just a big picture person and I love how you can share moments in life so easily with everyone. I love searching hashtags for my favorite things and I love sharing a lot of my own pictures too. Nothing too exciting, just some of my daily happenings. If you follow me I would love to follow you back. Here now are some recent pics of My Life via Instagram.

This is what I started reading today. I love Meg Cabot but have never read any of her vampire fantasy books, if this is what you can call these two titles: Overbite and Insatiable. Usually the only vampires I like are ala Anne Rice, but we'll see.

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan and so wanted to see The Hobbit, but I thought I was going to have to wait for the video since I am the only fan in the house. But Jack took me last weekend, which was super-cool and we LOVED the movie. Even she loved it and that is not an easy feat, she liked it so much she now even wants to the the LOTR trilogy too. Anyways, can I say how in lust I am with the King of the Dwarfs? That is one good looking guy. But overall the movie was amazing and just as good as the LOTR trilogy, I can't wait to see it again and of course for the continuation.


Yesterday was our bi-monthly mall trip with the kids to the Promenade Mall in Temecula. First stop for the girls is always Build-a-Bear where Darlene chose this very cute purple bunny. This time we didn't buy outfits, just the plushies and two sets of hair bows. 

Sammy, being my child, was on a tighter budget and had to choose one of the more affordable options. We had a $5 off coupon and she got this cute bunny for only $10. Pretty good deal considering how expensive it can get in there.

And of course we had to go by The Sweet Factory for a huge bag o candy. This is Jack's favorite store by far and now that she has her own money, she can afford to buy even more candy than before. She refused to be in the picture so this is Angel showing off her goodies.

I was in LA last week and captured these two beautiful shots right in the middle of downtown. 

These are the donuts we bought that same day when it was already 3:00pm and we hadn't eaten yet. We were starving and since there are no YumYum Donuts in our area, these were definitely a very special treat.

Last there is a pic I took of the Samsung Precedent phone we got from TelCel America to try out. It was something like 3 in the morning and I was having fun downloading my favorite apps. I have really become an app fiend, and will be sharing some of my top ones soon. 

That's it for this week, don't forget if you would like me to follow on Instagram leave a comment below or follow me and I will follow back!

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