#LLBlogPhotoOfTheDay January Photo Challenge : Join Us #latina #LatinaBlogger - Sammy Makes Six

#LLBlogPhotoOfTheDay January Photo Challenge : Join Us #latina #LatinaBlogger

Okay so I totally didn't stick to last months Fat Muslim Photo-A-Day challenge. It was just to hectic a month. Plus towards the end we all got so sick I could barely get out of bed, much less snap pictures. I really wanted to try again and this month I am doing the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers photo challenge, which is a collective that I belong to. It should be a very fun month and I am going to try as much as I can to stick to it. Feel free to join us, you can jump in anytime. Just use the daily prompts and the hashtag #llblogphotooftheday and post on Instagram,Pinterest,FB,Twitter and anywhere else your happy little heart wants to. 

And here is the first week, minus three I already need to catch up.

Day 1: Self protrait

Moi. On a good day when I actually shower, put makeup on and brush the mop, I can actually look pretty good. That's right you read it here first, I do not shower daily nor do I brush my hair daily. When I used to work outside the home, I did all of the above daily, now...not so much.

Day 2: Resolutions/goals

I don't have health insurance and this year will be making it a priority to figure out how I can find an affordable way to see a doctor regularly. I also need to get out and do more, keep active and stay away from the junk food. I don't eat big portions, nor do I eat all day. I do however only eat once or twice a day and don't move around a whole lot, so those extra 40 pounds, just will not come off. Not to mention that I am totally out of shape.

I also need to get a JOB, urgently. I miss the pleasure of having a steady paycheck and all that it afforded us. I have to get back to work...I have to, I have to.

Day 4: Best Friends

My baby girl with her best friend Consuelo. She doesn't have a lot of dolls...because she's never really liked them. But she loves Consuelo and I love that she loves her so much because she is a Hearts-for-Hearts doll and is from Mexico City.

Day 6: Morning

What I crave as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. Coffee!

Day 8: Blue

Today I woke up super early and when I read the prompt all I could think of was Adrian. My room was cold and I looked over to his spot and realized I miss him and that my heart was blue for his not being here. What I can't figure out is why I miss him so much when he is gone, and yet when he is here I want to kill him.  I probably should have listed my relationship on the goals list, because we obviously need to work on it and get it back on track.

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