I Love My #LTEDE #BlackFrameEyeglasses @Coastaldotcom #eyeglasses #nerd #Latina - Sammy Makes Six

I Love My #LTEDE #BlackFrameEyeglasses @Coastaldotcom #eyeglasses #nerd #Latina

My favorite eyeglasses are these LTEDE frames that I got from Coastal last year. With so much wear they have gotten a bit loose and I stopped wearing them for a while, but took them back out this week. I will be looking for a replacement for them very soon and love the Derek Cardingans...except they are a bit pricey. Do you have a pair of favorite eyeglasses?

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Isabel Garcia said...

Love your black rimmed glasses on you! My favorite glasses are my Prada glasses that I purchased about two years ago. :-)

Isabel Garcia said...
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Smash Bravo said...

Thank you Isabel. Prada!! My gosh those must be nice. My very first frames were GUCCI that I purchased for a phenomenal fee on Ebay. Loved them to death, till one day my grandson scratched the lenses and frame by scraping them against the fireplace. They were completely ruined. I still miss those (