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The Dorade and Matt Brooks, the San Francisco Sailing Enthus

Matt Brooks of San Francisco knows a bit about sailing. An avid sailor since the age of 12, Brooks has served on crews and as the skipper on dozens of vessels of various classes. Most recently, he has been restoring 6 Meter racing sloop, and one of his greatest achievements has been restoring the Dorade and embarking on a mission to race her in all the competitions she won when she was a new ship..

Dorade was designed in 1929 by Olin Stephens, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology dropout, and avid sailor. She was completed at the Minneford Yard on City Island, N.Y, under the supervision of Olin's brother, Rod Stephens. The boat was commissioned by Olin's father, Rod Stephens, Sr, who was also an experienced sailor.

When Dorade was first put into the water, many thought the boat was too fragile to race. However, skeptics were forced to rescind their objections when not only was the Dorade not fragile, she went on to win numerous races against American and European boats in her class, including several world class races. Her performance resulted in the Stephens brothers receiving a ticker tape parade upon their arrival back in New York.

In 2011, Matt Brooks of San Francisco purchased the Dorade. It took a crew of up to 30 shipwrights to refurbish the Dorade and retrofit her with modern technology and equipment, but now she is ready to attempt to win all the races she won in her heyday. With Matt Brooks as her owner and skipper, she has better than a fighting chance.

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