Our Traditional Holiday Dinner: Tamales Con Sabor / Flavor #WDLocalHoliday - Sammy Makes Six

Our Traditional Holiday Dinner: Tamales Con Sabor / Flavor #WDLocalHoliday

As far back as I can remember, my holiday memories consist of my mom preparing days ahead for the big chore of making several dozens of her famous tamales. The washing of the "hojas", the preparation of her made-from-scratch "chile", and of course the arduous preparation of the "masa. The flavor was always perfect, and the memories we have of standing around that pot of masa, spreading it on the leaves and laughing up a storm, followed by sitting down with the family to enjoy them, are invaluable. These are memories of my mom, especially now since she is almost 76, that I will treasure because I don't think she will be making them much longer. But her tamale holiday recipe will always live on, and luckily my sisters are both able to make the same tamales so even when my mom can no longer make them, she will still be able to enjoy them.

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