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Guest Post: Glucosamine Helps Your Canine Friend!

Most families love having a pet and a dog may be the pet of their choosing. After all, this friendly and furry friend is quite loveable and makes a wonderful addition to any family. As you have a dog for many years, however, you may notice that they suffer from similar ailments that humans also go through. One of these ailments is canine arthritis. As your pup ages their joints wear down, leading to inflammation of the joints. Just like humans take glucosamine, pets can also take glucosamine supplements from their vet, which will help lesson the pain from inflammation and also will rebuild the cartilage in the joint. Who knew that this same supplement could also help our canine friends? It’s a great suggestion to implement this supplement so that your pet will stay with you for many years to come.


How Do Pets get Canine Arthritis?

If you’re wondering how pets obtain damage to their joints in the first place, it’s caused by similar reasons to what people experience. Pets can be overweight or have joint damage due to the size of the type of dog, which both contribute to canine arthritis. Once suffering from canine arthritis, this trauma to the joint leads to a lack of activity and mobility from the inflammation. Dogs that can’t stay active have a hard time living a long life! Since staying active is crucial to a dog’s health, it’s important for you as the owners to watch for hints. Take cues from your furry friend and if they start limping, look stiff, or don’t want to get up as often (besides the obvious sleeping a lot), and then these are all cues to pay attention to.

What Symptoms to Look for and How to Treat Arthritis

If you do see any of these symptoms it’s time to take action. Many veterinarians will prescribe a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that will help your pet not be in as much pain. This does not mean that it will completely resolve the pain or stop the arthritis completely, but the drugs will help. The same goes for supplementation and glucosamine, which is actually better to use as opposed to an anti-inflammatory
drug because it has an extra bonus. The bonus is that glucosamine will also repair the damage to your pet’s joints, which will rebuild the cartilage in the joint. Overtime hopefully your pet will be able to exercise regularly and walk around without a significant amount of pain!

As an owner to a fun and furry friend it is up to you to watch over your pet carefully, provide them with an excellent diet, and make sure they get proper exercise. If you take care of them when they are younger and ensure that they don’t become overweight and then hopefully won’t experience pet arthritis as they become older. Since a furry pet become a part of your family, treat them with all of the love they deserve!

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