Dear Santa... - Sammy Makes Six

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Our munchkins have been extra good this year! Angel, Sammy, and Lene are all in school and doing so well.  Sammy and Lene are both able to spell their own names, read all the required to-know words, and Sammy can even spell words like dog, mom, the, etc. Angel is being a very good big brother and making sure Lene and Jacob are being well taken care of present wise before himself. Jacob is growing quickly, fun loving, and  just a super happy baby. He has a bit of a crying issue but he's working on it. Lene takes very good care of him too and Sammy is basically his best "frenemy" but she's there to catch him when he falls too. Anyway's we and they know how many other children there are in the world that you have to see that night but please don't forget about our munchkins. This is their favorite time of year and your one of their favorite people. Have a safe journey this Christmas Eve and we'll be sure to leave you some milk and cookies too!

                                                From Our Family To Yours,

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